As some of you may have noticed (or not, I don’t know), I’ve gone on a hiatus. I honestly have not had the muse for the longest time now, and what with the extra heap of schoolwork that rains down on me daily, I seldom have time to reply to threads. So, for now, I’ll be on bye-bye status, but just know I miss you all, and hopefully I can get back to my original flow. 

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There were a lot of words that could describe Calliope. One of the most fitting ones was stressed. She was very stressed. It had been a month since she’d been forced to give up her daughter and now she’d been forced into college. She didn’t want to be here at all. She wanted to be at home with a baby girl in her arms. Wandering sound with those thoughts in her head led her to get lost on the campus. “Um, I-I’m Calliope Grimshaw. I’m, I’m kind of lost,” she admitted, embarrassed. Who got lost on a college campus? There were only so many places to go. “I’m sorry to be a bother,’” she murmured.


Um, I-I’m Calliope Grimshaw. I’m, I’m kind of lost. Those were the most common words that Ben had ever heard ever since he began schooling at the University four years ago. Although, the sentence was never something he was exasperated by; he was more interested than anything. A person needed help and saw him fit to be their guide, and that made him feel a bit special. Thankfully, he was equipped with an arsenal of experience to be a good help. "Don’t be," he replied with a shake of his head before standing up and walking towards her. "I’m Ben Amos. Where is it you need to be this morning?" he inquired with genuine curiosity.

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She was hoping that her question wasn’t stupid or too hard to answered but she did perk up and follow where she was lead with a smile. That is until they stopped. ” Kirk. It’s nice to meet you My name’s Angelique. Most call me Anne for short , though.” She would take his hand and shake it with a grin.


"Cool name, Anne. It’s nice to meet you too, definitely." Kirk responded with a smile before stepping into the toy aisle beside the blonde. He presented the wide variety of toys as if they were his prized possessions, "Is this what you were lookin’ for, miss?"

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Who Needs Day Time Soaps When You’re Living in One? || B and C


Celeste stared down at her phone for a moment, the text sent off to Ben. She hadn’t meant to tell him, yet she wanted to at the same time. He was supposed to be her best friend, if not more. She was never sure where they stood with one another. A low sigh passed through her lips as she glanced up at the television from her hospital bed. It was some daytime soap opera, looked like it was in Spanish-Alexander must have been visiting her while she was sleeping. 

Glancing back at her phone, she found part of herself hoping Ben wouldn’t respond to her last text, while the other part of her was secretly begging him to.

A good two seconds were spent of Ben looking longingly at the text, his contemplation unusually abrupt. If this were any other situation, or any other person other than Celeste, he would have listed the pros and cons. But there he was: Ben Amos, standing in front of her apartment, knocking on her door with traces of concern in his voice just a matter of minutes later. “C,” he called, leaning his forehead against the door. “Just.. tell me what’s going on, please,” he pleaded sternly, stepping back from the door in hopes that she would allow him in. 

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Personal apologies for not being here for the past week, I’ve had so much going on! Hopefully I’ll be back by next week.

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Tegan narrowed her eyes at him as he hit her target. “Zero schmero. It’s only because you took out the guy I wanted.” She stuck her tongue out at him and went around the corner of another aisle, squatting and shooting another employee in the back of the neck and retreating back around the corner to avoid being seen. She held a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter, and decided to pull a different trick. She and Kirk were in different aisles, so she peeked around the corner and shot him a couple times in the back of the head, and as he turned around she gave him a little mischievous smile before hiding once again. 

"Finders keepers losers weepers, right?" Kirk jeered before giving the blonde another one of his famous grins. There was always going to be a competitive streak between the two, though it was never serious; it was more playful than anything as they rivaled against each other in the simplest games. It was one of the things that kept them entertained with each other: if they didn’t have their silly battles like this one, they would have been bored by each other from day one. Kirk supposed that that was what fueled their friendship for so long: they always had something new to do every day. In the midst of almost shooting a new target, a slight pop caught Kirk’s attention and caused him to turn around. Surprisingly, he was Tegan’s current target. A smile wrapped across his lips as he rushed towards her into the other aisle, full-fledged as he shot at her with the Nerf gun. “You can run, but you can’t hide!” he exclaimed in fits of laughter, running after her. 

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Asthma Attack||Emily&Kirk



After taking in a few deep breaths, Emily nodded, returning the smile.
"Sh-should b-be." she mumbled. She continued to take in deep breaths in an attempt to keep her breathing under control. Well, she thought as she leaned back a little to straighten her back, I’m not going back to work today.

Relief washed over Kirk as he nodded, standing back up and offering the girl a hand. “Let me help you up,” he muttered underneath his breath before smiling at her. “Can I ask what was up? I mean, er, what made you have an attack? It’s aight to tell me, I’m an asthmatic too, so — I won’t think you’re dumb,” he chuckled. 

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Too Afraid To Love You | High School AU | + saturdaynightrecovery



And that was Joey for ya. Despite the fact Chey had a boyfriend this year, Joey never seemed to quit. Of course it was slightly because they’ve known each other for so long, but Chey was convinced he wanted to be her own personal hell. She looked up at KC who parted his lips to protest, but Chey stopped him before he could say anything. “Sorry, it’s best to let him just sit here. He’s not all there, ya know, so he needs all the help he can get from me.” She had to admit, Joey had always been her partner in science, and she didn’t feel like changing that. Why? She had no clue, nor did she question it. 

KC let out a small laugh, though his facial expression was dimmed knowing she picked Joey over him. “Yeah, okay. I’ll sit behind you then.” 

After he took a seat, Chey turned to Joey with a glare. She hated how much he hated KC. It wasn’t fair, really. Then again, KC hated him right back, but that was easy to see why. “Why are you such a dick all the time?”


"Because there’s too much pussy in the world," Joey speculated, nodding towards all the geeky personalities in the room. It was an AP class, so most of the students carried more books than they carried themselves; they were more of the ‘comfort over casual’ types in style, though in their cases, it didn’t work out in their favors. Most of the guys in the classroom were paired up with girls, and Joey could tell that most of them liked each other, but were too pussy to admit it. The world worked that way in his eyes. "I mean, come on. AP Chem needs a bit more man in it, doesn’t it? To make it interesting. And what perfect man other than, oh, wait — me?" he marveled, looking up at the ceiling with a glimmer in his eyes. As the teachers passed out the papers for the lab, Joey took it upon himself to write their names down before smiling up at Chey. "Joey and Chey — got a ring to it, don’t it?"

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Logan Lerman and admirable style (▰˘◡˘▰)

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